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01 Fruit Cocktail Platinum (Fine Cut) 24x840 grms tin
02 Fruit Cocktail Platinum (Fine Cut) 6x3.1 kg tins
03 Fruit Cocktail 24x840 grms tin
04 Fruit Cocktail 48x440grms tins
05 Fruit Cocktail 6x3.1 kg tins
06 Pineapple Slice 24x840 grms tin
07 Pineapple Slice 48x440grms tins
08 Pineapple Slice 6x3.1 kg tins
09 Pineapple Cube 6x3.1 kg tins
10 Pineapple Titbits 24x840 grms tin
11 Red Cherries (PLATINUM) 24x840 grms tin
12 Red Cherries (PLATINUM) 6x3.1 kg tins
13 Red Cherries (Lite) 24x840 grms tin
14 Red Cherries 24x840 grms tin
15 Red Cherries (WITH STEM) 24x840 grms tin
16 Litchies Whole Seedless 24x840 grms tin
17 Peaches 24x840 grms tin
18 Pears 24x840 grms tin
19 Mango Slice Ordinary 24x840 grms tin
20 Mango Slice Dusehri 24x840 grms tin
01 Mushroom Button (PLATINUM) 24x800 grms tin
02 Mushroom Button (PLATINUM) 6x3.0 kg tins
03 Mushroom Button (PLATINUM) 48x400grms tins
04 Mushroom Button Tandoor 24x800 grms tin
05 Mushroom Button Tandoor 6x3.0 kg tins
06 Mushroom Button (LITE) 24x800 grms tin
07 Mushroom Tops 24x800 grms tin
08 Mushroom Slices 24x800 grms tin
09 Mushroom Slices 6x3.0 kg tins
10 Baby Corn Regular Grade 24x800 grms tin
11 Baby Corn Regular Grade 48x400grms tins
12 Baby Corn Regular Grade 6x3.1 kg tins
13 Baby Corn Cut 24x800 grms tin
14 Baby Corn Cut 48x400grms tins
15 Baby Corn Cut 6x3.1 kg tins
16 Baby Corn Haives 24x800 grms tin
17 Baby Corn Haives 48x400grms tins
18 Baby Corn Soup 24x800 grms tin
19 Baby Corn Soup 48x400grms tins
20 Sweet Corn Soup Cream Style 24x850 grms tin
21 Sweet Corn Soup Cream Style 48x450grms tins
22 Sweet Corn Whole Grain 48x450grms tins
23 Baked Beans 48x440grms tins
24 Green Peas 24x800 grms tin
25 Green Peas 48x400grms tins
26 Cauliflower Cut 24x800 grms tin
27 Carrot Cut 24x800 grms tin
28 Sarson Kaa Saag 24x800 grms tin
01 Sterilised Paneer 24x825 grms tin
02 Sterilised Paneer 24x425 grms tin
03 Sterilised Paneer 60x 200 grms tin
01 Tomato Puree 24x825grms tins
02 Tomato Puree 6x3.1 kg tins
03 Tomato Puree LITE 24x825grms tins
04 Tomato Puree (EASY OPEN ENDS) 48x415grms tins
05 Tomato Soupe 24x800 ml tins
06 Mango Pulp Ordinary 24x840 grms tin
07 Mango Pulp Ordinary 6x3.1 kg tins
08 Mango pulp Dusehri 24x840 grms tin
  READY TO EAT ( Easy open ends)  
01 Palak Paneer 24x450grms tins
02 Dal Tadka 24x450grms tins
03 Chatpata Chana 24x450grms tins
04 Matar Paneer 24x450grms tins
05 Black Chana 24x450grms tins
06 Rajma Curried 24x450grms tins
07 Dal Makhni 24x450grms tins
08 Kari Pakoda 24x450grms tins
09 Sarso Ka Saag 24x450grms tins
01 Snack Sauce 12x1Kg Glass Bottle
02 Snack Sauce 12x1.2Kg Tombo
03 Snack Sauce 12x1kg pouch
04 Snack Sauce 4x5kg jerrycan
05 Snack Sauce 12x48x200g bottle
06 Continental Sauce 12x1kg bottle
07 Continental Sauce 4x1kg pouch
08 Continental Sauce 5kg jerry can
09 Continental Sauce 12x700g pet bottle
10 Green Chilli Sauce 18x650g plastic bottle
11 Green Chilli Sauce 12x1.1 kg Tombo
12 Green Chilli Sauce 12x1kg pouch
13 Green Chilli Sauce 4x5kg jerrycan
14 Green Chilli Sauce 48x200g bottle
15 Green Chilli Sauce 12x700g pet bottle
16 Red Chilli Sauce 18x650g plastic bottle
17 Red Chilli Sauce 12x1.1 kg Tombo
18 Red Chilli Sauce 12x1kg pouch
19 Red Chilli Sauce 4x5kg jerrycan
20 Red Chilli Sauce 48x200g bottle
21 Soya Sauce 18x710m1 plastic bottle
22 Soya Sauce 4x5kg jerrycan
23 Soya Sauce 48x200g bottle
24 Soya Sauce 12x700g pet bottle
25 Non Fruit Vinegar 18x610m1 plastic bottle
26 Non Fruit Vinegar 48x200m1 pet bottle
27 Non Fruit Vinegar 12x700m1 pet bottle
28 Tomato Ketchup Sachet 72x10x16
  PUREE AND SOUP ( Easy open ends)  
01 Tomato Puree 24x450gm
02 Palak Puree 24x450gm
03 Sarson Puree 24x450gm
04 Sweet Corn Soup 24x450gm
05 Baby Corn Soup 24x450gm
06 Tomato Soup 24x450gm
07 Mushroom Soup 24x450gm
08 Mixed Veg Soup 24x450gm